What is it to welcome someone to a place? How is our understanding evolving and how might it change dramatically in the future with the help of virtual personalities? A site specific video installation was created for a festival in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. In advance of the event, participants were invited to create a recording. They were asked to imagine a meaningful place and to welcome someone it, without specifically identifying the location. When participants walked into their hotel rooms, the TV was on, a single looping character virtually, mysteriously welcoming them.

Later during the festival, they may end up meeting their welcomer IRL.
This video installation functions as a participatory meditation on welcoming, expectations, and virtual presence.

Many thanks to the contributing participants: Robert Carey, Dimid Hayes, Naomi Sparrow Hooley, Alice Hutchins, Hannah Jayanti, David Leonard, Chantal Elena Mitchell, Caroline Mort, Alexander Porter, Tamir Peter Rawlings
Video editing assistance: Lena NW
Installation documentation: Hannah Jayanti, Alexander Porter, Monica Frisell, David Leonard