Data Relations

Performance installation featuring Surrogate and LAUREN
Exhibition curated by Miriam Kelly and Shelley McSpedden
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
December 2022–March 2023

Thin plastic beams connect into a large rectangle, forming a structure that supports a roll of white carpet, hanging off to the right. Within this frame, an opaque window hangs at eye level. On the carpet, two white pillows lounge in front of a screen, with a silver trolley just behind. In the background, another roll of carpet unfolds onto the floor, with a cerulean table and chair alongside it.
Reaching up from the floor, white poles cross in a wide grid, evenly spaced to form six rectangular cells. Two pale prosthetic bellies hang from the bottom rung, tear drop shaped and secured by their red and purple straps. Above and to the right, a thin screen is framed and secured to the structure, playing a video of a woman in a lurid magenta dress standing against a rocky ochre landscape. One hand is on her protruding stomach, one hand holds an apple to her mouth.

Design in collaboration with Ben Evans James
Images courtesy Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
Photographs: Andrew Curtis, Lucy Foster, Casey Horsfield