Later Date

I think one day we will be able to go outside again. Honestly, I am fantasizing about this day. Seeing you. Reaching out and touching. Breathing, talking, anything really. This is a performance in two parts. In the first, we will chat. We will imagine together our meeting. Where we’ll go, what we’ll say, what we’ll do. This future script will be saved. One day, when we are allowed again, you will receive an email with this script and a request to meet as planned. This will be part two of the performance.

The chat conversations have now taken place, and the in person meetings will take place when it becomes possible. For now, the piece can be experienced as a playback of the chat conversations:

Essay in Los Angeles Review of Books, Remote Intervention Symposium.

Screenshot of with text I think one day we will be able to go outside again Grey website with chat. Conversation between two people discussing the idea of later as children, from buying liquor at 21 to moving from China to the US to going to preschool.

Music by Lullatone. Image credits: (first, last) Exhibition views from We=Link: Sideways, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China.