Introduction to Computational Media

NYU ITP Fall 2015
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Course Description

What can computation add to human communication? Creating computer applications, instead of just using them, will give you a deeper understanding of the essential possibilities of computation. The course focuses on the fundamentals of programming the computer (variables, conditionals, iteration, functions, and objects) and then touches on some more advanced techniques such as data parsing, interfacing with hardware, mobile development, and HTML5/DOM. The JavaScript-based 'p5.js' programming framework is the primary vehicle for the class. All sections assume no programming experience at all. The end of the semester is spent developing an idea for a final project and implementing it using computer programming.

Student Work

Nicole He, True Love Tinder Robot

Fengyi Zhu, Print 15F

Anne Goodfriend,

Yuli Cai, Nature Geometry

Regina Vetka, Interactive Painting