Disability, Design, and the Web

UCLA DMA, Fall 2021
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Disability, Design, and the Web is a studio-based course that provides an introduction to universal design, assistive technology, and disability justice. Students will work hands-on in partnership with community organizations that support people with disabilities to learn about assistive technology, identify access issues, and prototype solutions on the web. We will engage with and expand on existing accessibility best practices to interrogate art and design’s role in understanding accessibility and disability. Throughout the course, students will learn and employ a human-centered approach to begin creating more inclusive web experiences. Partner organizations we will work with include Repair, Jazz Hands for Autism, Autism LA, and the LA Spoonie Collective.


This course is structured around quarter-long group projects working collaboratively with local disability organizations Autism LA, Jazz Hands for Autism, and Repair. Students are divided into groups to work together to address different needs of these organizations, including media creation, design, web development, and accessibility testing. Over the 10 weeks, we move through a process of research, prototyping, design, development, testing, and documentation. This work is guided by regular feedback from community partners and in-class reviews. A series of shorter exercises introducing accessibility and disability concepts supplement this work.