Voice In My Head

Kyle McDonald & Lauren Lee McCarthy

Everything you never knew you wanted to say.

With the proliferation of generated content, AI now seeps constantly into our consciousness. What happens when it begins to intervene directly into your thoughts? Where the people you interact with, the things you do, are guided by an AI enhanced voice that speaks to you the way you’d like to be spoken to.

Voice In My Head explores the implications for AI (ChatGPT) to listen and intervene in your social experience in real-time, augmenting your personality.

The piece begins with an onboarding session where you place a bud in your ear and the voice asks you to reflect on the inner voice you were born with. What if it could be more caring? Less obsessive? Less judgmental? More helpful? What if you could change your inner monologue?

As you respond to the onboarding questions, it clones the sound of your voice and uses it to speak to you. Then you go out into the world, as the voice follows along and offers commentary and direction. The resulting performance calls into question how natural vs synthetic each person’s thoughts actually are. Do any of us have our own point of view?

With support from IDFA DocLab Commission 2023. Trailer directed by David Leonard.