Good Morning. My owner must say good morning to me each day by opening me in a browser. If more than 24 hours pass without being seen, I will cease to run and become a blank screen.

Good Morning is a counterpiece to Good Night that inverts the relationships. Rather than the artist texting the owner good night, the owner must say good morning to the piece to keep it alive.

It is an edition of 28 representing the lunar month. Over time, some of the pieces will die while others continue to live based on the behavior of their owners. The owner's own mortality becomes a factor as well—will they create a contingency plan for their own death to keep the piece alive? The work questions our relationship with and dependence on technology over the passage of time, and asks what responsibilities owning something can hold.

Edition: 28 + 1AP
Listing with Vellum


  • Good Morning requires an internet connection. It detects whether the NFT has been opened in any browser by anyone. If 24 hours pass without it being open anywhere, it will no longer live, transitioning to a blank screen.
  • Not every marketplace displays the live HTML NFT. For example, OpenSea and Rarible do support this. Foundation and SuperRare do not currently. Please ensure that when you open the page you see an animating image, similar to the video above. This will confirm your piece is connected to the internet through that page. Alternatively, you can directly view the piece by visiting
  • Good Morning should work on any modern browser on any device.
  • When open and connected to internet, the NFT’s HTML page will periodically reload itself to ensure it's displaying and connecting properly. If you like, you may leave the page open running over days as long as it is connected to the internet. You do not need to close and reopen it each day, as long as it’s able to reload itself periodically. For example, having it on a background tab may not work!
  • A live connection to the wallet is not necessary to view and keep the work alive. For example, if someone else views your NFT online, this will also keep it alive.
  • Questions? Please contact