UCLA DMA Winter 2019
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Course Description

This course has two goals. (1) To provide an introduction to writing code within the context of the visual arts. Writing code involves learning a different way of thinking and making. (2) To interrogate the concept of 'interactivity' and consider how this applies to art, design, and code. Through this exploration you may gain a deeper understanding of how users, viewers, and people experience your work. The ideas and skills taught in this course set a foundation for future Design Media Arts courses about the internet, game design, and media arts.

Student Work

Dario Apodaca, GARDEN

Isabel Bina, Collage Collective

Jongho Weon, Kidz Draw

Maddy Fisher, Race to Change

Megan Wu, Steven's Lab

Michael Luo, Low's World

Emily Teng, Still Life?

Wenjia Bian, The Last Metro