Follower is a service that provides a real life follower for day. You sign up, download an app, and wait. You don't know when it will happen. The following lasts one day. At the end, you are left with one photo of yourself, taken by your Follower. The Follower stays just out of sight, but within your consciousness.

What is the relationship between attention and surveillance? There are sites you can go to to buy online followers, $10 can get you 1000 followers. We have this intense desire to be seen, to feel connected. But is that desire really fulfilled by watching your follower count tick upward? Could a real life follower provide something more meaningful or satisfying?

Video in collaboration with David Leonard. Design in collaboration with Michelle Lin. This work received support from Stochastic Labs and NYU.

Credit for images 4+5: SITUATION #128, SITUATIONS/Follower, installation view at Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2018 © Philipp Ottendörfer