Waking Agents

In the age of smart everything, we are sold devices for every aspect of our lives, promising to deliver us to utilitarian utopia. Even the personal space of sleep is invaded by technology-augmented pillows that play music, track sleep, and wake you up. Visitors are invited to lay down and nap with a smart pillow, attended to by its embedded intelligence. The intelligence serves as guide, companion, and caretaker while the user drifts between awareness and unconsciousness. Do they wake at some moment to what's actually happening?

Waking Agents was awarded the ACT Award and commissioned for STRP Festival. It was curated by Juliette Bibasse. Development prototyping by Jeff Gray. Fabrication and design in collaboration with Lela Barclay de Tolly.

Photos by Lauren McCarthy, Juliette Bibasse, and Hanneke Wetzer.