This is an NFT-based performance for one person at a time. Every night before I sleep, I will text you good night. The performance continues as long as I am alive. When you no longer want to experience the performance, you may transfer it to someone else.

Good Night reflects on issues of time, presence, and mortality that have emerged over the past couple years. It questions the meaning of "forever" that blockchain technology promises. Layering a social contract within a smart contract, the work asks what it means to trust humans vs trust technology.

This gesture represents a commitment to a set of rules I have set out for myself; the performance is the lived attempt to meet that commitment.

This performance is transferred via the tezos blockchain (view on After obtaining the token, message me via Instagram, Twitter, or Discord to initiate the performance and validate the token. Your wallet address or name will be listed as the active participant below. If you do not initiate contact within one week of receipt or you become otherwise unreachable, the token will be considered invalid and a new token may be minted to correspond to this work. My performance serves as the certifier of the token’s validity.

This is the first in a series of while alive performances.

Performance currently active for: JulietteBibasse

Edition: 1 + 1AP