This is a performance for one person at a time. Every night before I sleep, I will text you good night. The performance continues as long as I am alive. When you no longer want to experience the performance, you may transfer it to someone else.

This work is a reflection on questions of time, presence, immutability, and mortality that have emerged from the past year. It is part of a series of pandemic works—Later Date, I heard TALKING IS DANGEROUS, Sleepover—that deal with themes of isolation, breakdown, danger, disconnection, grief, frustration, communication, wanting.

This performance is transferred via the H=N blockchain. In order to initiate the performance after obtaining the token, you should message me via Instagram or Twitter. Like all of my performances, this gesture represents a deep commitment to a set of rules I have set out for myself. There may be times where I am not able to meet this commitment, and this is also part of the performance. If you would like to transfer the performance to someone else, you can swap the token on H=N, by selling it, gifting it, auctioning it, returning it to me, or using any other means you like. If you have questions prior to or after collecting this work, you can message me.

Edition: 1 + 1AP