Saliva Retreat

“Saliva Retreat challenges the norm of surrendering bodily substances to external entities. The installation is set in a saliva bank, a lounge space where visitors explore the liberatory potential of saliva exchange, colloquially known as “spit swapping.” The film provides a nuanced exploration of a retreat held in Los Angeles, in which a choreographed play of intimate exchanges sparks conversations on autonomy, data privacy, and intimacy. Through vignettes, the participants explore various forms of exchange and the significance, for them, of preserving something for the future.” — Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, curated by Nora N. Khan and Andrea Bellini

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Scenography conceived by FormaFantasma
David Leonard, Director of Film
Gabriel Noguez, Cinematographer & Editor
Sean Rowry, Second Camera
Matthew Sanchez, Sound Recordist
Evan Arnold, Sound Mix
Antonio Noguez, Production Assistant

Parag K. Mital, Host
Chelly Jin, Stage Manager
Antigoni Tsakaroouloulus and Isabella Lee, Production Assistants
Eunice Choi, Saliva Craft Facilitator
Boaz Sender, Saliva Software Developer & Consent Co-Designer
Taeyoon Choi and Laya, Saliva Yoga Facilitators
Kim Ye, Yasaman Sheri, Connor Cook, Saliva Panelists

Saliva Retreat Participants: Aya, Ramie Abu-Zahra, Abi, Alice Bucknell, Siena Chiang, Eunice Choi, Taeyoon Choi, Connor Cook, Behnaz Farahi, Jim Fetterley, Alex UF, Huntrezz, Chelly Jin, Isabella Lee, Parag K. Mital, Laya, So Sun Park, Casey Reas, Boaz Sender, Yasaman Sheri, Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou, Sammie Veeler, Xin Xin, Kim Ye, Qianqian Ye

With support from Stanford Human-Centered AI, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, and UCLA Social Software. Photography by Mathilda Olmi © Centre d’Art contemporain Genève and David Leonard.