An exploration of the act of welcoming someone to a space, hinting at the ways this may change in the future. A series of site specific videos were created for a festival taking place in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. In advance of the event, participants of the festival were invited to create a recording. They are asked to imagine a place that is meaningful to them, and to film a video monologue in which they are welcoming someone to that place, without specifically identifying the place.

At the festival, the videos were shuffled and placed in the hotel rooms of each participant. When each person arrives at the event, they enter their hotel room to find the TV on, with a looping video of another person's head speaking. The person is welcoming them. Later during the festival, they may end up meeting this person IRL.
This video installation functions as a participatory meditation on welcoming, expectations, and virtual presence.

Many thanks to the contributing participants: Robert Carey, Dimid Hayes, Naomi Sparrow Hooley, Alice Hutchins, Hannah Jayanti, David Leonard, Chantal Elena Mitchell, Caroline Mort, Alexander Porter, Tamir Peter Rawlings
Video editing assistance: Lena NW
Installation documentation: Hannah Jayanti, Alexander Porter, Monica Frisell, David Leonard