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February 9, 2010

Early in the morning of the creation of today’s script, someone wrote that I did not follow any other instructions that day and instead took a day off to recharge. This was probably in response to a post a few days ago where I expressed my weariness with the project. At first, I wanted to take it off because I felt like it would maybe take away from this durational thing I am doing. I also worried that people might think that I had written it and doubt my commitment to the project. However, I then realized that this was all part of the project; the post was a thoughtful action on the part of someone else, reacting to what the project was, and determining what the next bit of it would be. I have chosen to give up a large degree of control of this, and that means accepting and exploring the unexpected twists as well as the expected ones. I greatly enjoyed the day off, and it gave me renewed energy to go on with this again.

[LAUREN wakes up.]

[LAUREN takes the day off. She does not follow any other instructions today. She recharges and does whatever she feels like. She documents none of it.]

[LAUREN'S AUDIENCE MEMBERS turn in their chairs and look at each other, there is some murmuring. They stand up, put on their coats and walk slowly toward the clearly marked exits.]

WOMAN WEARING A BLUE SKI CAP: Have a great day off!

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