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February 3, 2010

This is the question that I seem to get asked repeatedly by everyone around me that knows about the project. It’s the same one that I find myself asking at times when I start to do something and can’t remember if it was actually written in or if I just thought it seemed like a good idea. I’ve begun to feel more open to doing or saying whatever comes to mind, restricting myself less to my normal routines and patterns when there are unscripted times.

Things have started popping up in the script written by people I don’t know or can’t easily identify. It feels different to do these things, and not know who is directing me. When I am performing a part where I do know the author, there is this nice feeling of connection. While experiencing something new and unusual, I think of the person that scripted this, wonder if they are thinking of me right then, and feel some sort of intimacy amid an ice cold shower or a yoga class or a feeling of extreme embarrassment. The short text or tweet or post is like a tiny thread from one world to another that specifically acknowledges this momentary link formed between us.

[Setting: bedroom, 6am. LAUREN wakes up.]

[Setting: bedroom, 6:15 am. LAUREN thinks about how much she dislikes dogs, especially yipping, annoying ones. She decides that today, she will make faces at all the dogs she sees and see if it brings her any enjoyment. She remembers that she likes cats a little better. She decides to write a haiku about SHNERKASHNINKASHNOFF and post it on facebook.]

[Setting: grad studio. LAUREN tells two different people one good and sincere thing about Britney Spears.]

[Setting: Somewhere in CA, morning/ afternoon. LAUREN makes some time to talk to EDGAR on the phone. LAUREN answers his remaining questions about the SCRIPT website. She prepares herself to respond to questions about the blue bear plate with the honeypots as LAUREN is especially prepared to discuss the more visual components of her past performances, considering EDGAR's close attention to detail. She realizes it has been a while since they have talked, yet comes to discover he is not as nutty as she may have remembered. LAUREN comes to express this moment of surprise.]

LAUREN: Hey EDGAR! Sorry I could not talk yesterday on the phone, you were not in the script, so I could not really fit you in.

EDGAR: Hey, its okay. It was not clear to me, whether Today SCRIPT was actually today, and what tomorrow was. It would have been easier to figure out if at least one had a day value attached to it, i.e. 02-02-10. Wait, I see now, the day comes up after you choose to edit the tomorrow SCRIPT. Ok, I figured it out.

LAUREN: Well, we cant all be MIT trained com-sci majors can we?

EDGAR: Apparently not, the rest of us have to settle for graduate study there, in course 4, not in course, … wait, what course is computer science in? … Well, its really great that you have some time to talk, …

LAUREN: Dont worry about it, I actually get the feeling it is something that we should do today.

EDGAR: I tried really hard yesterday, which was the Today SCRIPT yesterday, strangely, to not feel slighted by our short conversation. But now that I think about it, you did talk for several minutes. Wait, how will you account for things that happened but were not reflected in the SCRIPT? How will they be reflected in the SCRIPT?

LAUREN: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

[Setting: Somewhere in CA, morning/ afternoon. LAUREN produces the sound of surprise, a medley somewhere between a hum and a short umm. She does not realize the frequency of her resorting to these musical interludes. She quickly deflects the course of the discussion, mid hum, and draws her wild card, expressed almost as a quip.]

LAUREN: Hey ! Did you see the blue plates with the little bears on it and the honeypots? Its my breakfast plate!

EDGAR: From past performances? Yes, yes, I did. It was really cute. But why did your self portrait look distorted vertically? Was that because of the mirror or the camera lens?

LAUREN: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

EDGAR: Dont worry about it. I actually looked at the EXIF data for that pic and the bear plate. You took that pic with a HTC Hero200 at 5:14pm. Weird, right? The bear plate is temporarily my desktop by the way. Where do you live in LA?

[Setting: Somewhere in CA, morning/ afternoon. LAUREN continues her conversation with EDGAR, for about twenty minutes longer, going on to tell him she will send him her address in an email. She comes to realize maybe he is as nutty as she remembered, but also comes to discover she is as nutty as him. She makes plans to talk with him again soon.]

[Setting: gaming lab, 1pm.]

LAUREN: Hi, Eddo. Thanks for meeting with me.

[LAUREN proceeds to explain her project to EDDO. EDDO makes LAUREN more aware of all the problematic aspects of it.]

[Setting: 4th floor computer lab, 2pm. LAUREN is TA'ing class.]

[Setting: Any place with other people, sometime during the day. LAUREN pretends to be an orange. She documents it.]

[Setting: MARS library, 5pm. LAUREN arrives at ERKKI's seminar class, a large, old device is sitting on the table. LAUREN shouts at it.]

[Setting: Sometime, somewhere, LAUREN looks into the feasibility and costs of a roundtrip ticket LA-CHICAGO for this upcoming weekend. She also writes a script for her dear friend ERQI who is turning 24 years old Superbowl Sunday, when the Colts will face the intrepid Saints in Miami. The script that she writes will have a pleasant pink background. Due to ERQI's impatience, Lauren will travel back in time a day-metaphorically, of course-and complete all the above actions on February 2.]

[Setting: 8pm.]

[LAUREN answers an email from someone she doesn't know too well.]

[LAUREN returns to the grad studio and sits down at her desk to code. She puts on her headphones and enters a vortex for the next couple hours, emerging afterward having made some progress.]

[Setting: apartment, eveningtime. LAUREN thinks about her recent conclusions about happiness and the state of being. She wonders if it is possible to be happy doing something you hate if you know that eventually it may lead to something you love. She ponders this and sends her thoughts to her friend SINDHURA who is suffering through med school. She also looks at the leftover banana bread and thinks about mailing to her. She thinks it might get gross before it gets there and thinks to send her the recipe instead. She decides this might be boring so she sends her a recipe for something else instead.]

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