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February 19, 2010

Casper commented to Diego today, “Of course Lauren won’t come with us tonight, she won’t do anything fun anymore unless we write it into her script.”


[Setting: bedroom, 6am. LAUREN wakes up.]

[LAUREN looks at the alarm clock, irritated. Hits snooze.]

[Setting: bedroom, 6:15am. LAUREN wakes up.]

ONE OF THE LAUREN’S AUDIENCE MEMBERS (offstage): Good morning Lauren! How did you sleep?

LAUREN: [answers honestly].

ONE OF THE LAUREN’S AUDIENCE MEMBERS (offstage): [depending on LAUREN'S answer, responds sympathetically].

LAUREN: Hmmm. This morning I’m planning to go to [event]. Would you have time to prepare something for me for [to eat and/or drink]?

ONE OF THE LAUREN’S AUDIENCE MEMBERS (offstage): Yes, of course. I’d love to. What would you like me to make?

LAUREN: [response].

ONE OF THE LAUREN’S AUDIENCE MEMBERS (offstage): Coming right up!

ONE OF THE LAUREN’S AUDIENCE MEMBERS prepares and gives LAUREN whatever she requests.

Lauren efficiently uses some spare minutes to call the Nissan dealership and schedule her car to be brought in for a bodywork estimate. She is mildly irritated that her mom has been insisting she do this. Afterall, what does she care what the car looks like? It runs, doesn’t it? She decides to text her mom.


[Setting: Venice Beach, 7:30am. LAUREN goes surfing.]

At some point during the day, LAUREN stages a small demonstration or takes a stand in some way for something for which she strongly believes. This may be performed in the quietest subtle way imaginable or with verve, depending on LAUREN’S wishes.

[Setting: 12:30pm. LAUREN attends FEC meeting.]

LAUREN invites someone to review one of her performances.

[Setting: CnSI, 2pm. LAUREN attends class meeting.]

[Setting: EDA, around 5:30pm. LAUREN attends Gadget OK! Symposium.]

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