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February 14, 2010

[Setting: Cambridge, MA. LAUREN wakes up.]

[Setting: JEFF's apartment. Before LAUREN goes on her normal morning run, she and JEFF sit for a 20 minute meditation session. She remembers not to take it too seriously and to just observe her mind as it runs wild. She, for the first time, lets go of any expectations of the session, and remembers to just focus on whatever's happening at every moment. This causes her to realize that the process can be relaxing and enjoyable.]]

[LAUREN gives a valentine to someone she doesn't know.]

[LAUREN spends a few hours working on her projects. She enjoys working in JEFF's apartment while he works on a different project.]

[Evening. JEFF takes LAUREN to an unknown dinner location, and then to an unknown location after that. Even though Valentine's day is a cheesy holiday pushed mostly by Hallmark, they have fun.]

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